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Failure. Never a pleasant word. No one really wants to face it. Yet, it is an inevitable part of life and a normal part of entrepreneurship. It is these places of failure that teach us and force us to grow. It also this place of failure that sets apart the successful business owner as they find ways to pivot and continue moving forward to the goal. It has been estimated that successful entrepreneurs face roughly 3-4 failures before finding success. Starting any type of business is based on finding solutions for your customers. That starts internally by being a great problem solver to push your own business forward.

Through my own past entrepreneurial experiences and failures, I found a serious need for better digital marketing. Through my observance of other small business owners, I've found digital marketing to be a serious short-coming. And so I set out on my own adventure of learning the art of digital marketing and providing solutions for businesses just like yours. Solopreneurs, small town brick and mortar businesses, family run side hustles; These are the people we're here to serve. Our mission is to help you outsource your digital marketing tasks to our team of specialized professionals so you can focus on providing solutions for your customers.

creative oasis staff at work

Who we are

creative oasis owner

Sheanice (Operations)

Specialty: Content Writing, SEO

Experienced 20 year business professional with a background in digital marketing, accounting, and business management. She's a serial entrepreneur with an editor's eye on the details of a project that no one else notices.

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Ashli (Admin)

Specialty: Social Media

Experienced 15 year admin and accounting professional with superb task juggling abilities. With two littles at home, it's a necessity. She is a self taught social media queen and advocate for the modern working mom.

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Our Awesome Team

Specialty: All Things Marketing

We are honored to work with highly skilled professionals that specialize in specific marketing creatives. For you, that means you get the highest quality work, all in one place. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

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Extremely Creative!

Amazing. Great communicator, extremely creative; a collaborator with great ideas of her own to not only complete your project but improve your original idea. Planning to hire again.