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Finding Passion From Failure

creative oasis staff at work

This picture was taken at one of our early-stage planning meetings for Creative Oasis. The location was at a coffee shop located within the retail space of my past failed business.   

Entrepreneurship is hard work and it’s not for the faint at heart. Unfortunately, failures are typically part of the journey. In fact, it has been estimated that successful entrepreneurs face anywhere from 3-15 failures before they make it.  

Let that be an encouragement to you. Even with failures, you’re on the right path. The most successful business owners out there that you admire, were once where you’re at. Struggles help to strengthen the problem-solving skills that are so important as a business owner. 

My own personal experiences with failures and burnout led me down the path of providing solutions to support small business owners like yourself. Solopreneurs, small town brick and mortar businesses, family run side hustles: These are the people that we’re here to serve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Sheanice

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Supporting Families.

We love working with entrepreneurial families. In fact, we have a particular soft spot for mom’s that are brave enough to juggle starting a business while also navigating the journey of being a mom. 

We know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to start and to run a successful business, and we admire (and share) your commitment to both your family and your business. It can be a challenge to find a good work life balance when you’re in charge. All of the responsibility ultimate falls on you, even if it’s “supposed” to be your day off. 

We believe in your dreams as a business owner and are proud to offer our services to help you grow and succeed without losing sight of what’s most important. 

When you choose to work with us, you’re also supporting other families. In fact, most of our team, both internal and external freelancers, consists of mom’s working hard to support their family. 

Thank you for considering us as your partner in business. We look forward to working with you!

The Core Internal Team Behind Creative Oasis

Sheanice - Operations

Marketing Specialty: SEO Content Writing

Experienced professional with a background in accounting, digital marketing, and business management. She's a serial entrepreneur with an eye for the details and an adoration for her ginger cat Maui. 

Ashli - Admin Manager

Marketing Specialty:
Social Media

Experienced admin and accounting professional with superb task juggling abilities. With two littles at home, it's a necessity. She is a self-taught social media queen and an advocate for the modern working mom. 

Marissa - Admin

Marketing Specialty:
Graphics & Branding

Creative professional with a flair for combining colors and designs to complement the mission of a brand. She expertly juggles her creative mission, home life with her two babies as well as advocates for mental wellness. 

Erika - Sales Outreach

Marketing Specialty:
Mobile Apps

Friendly and vibrant; she rarely meets a stranger. She works hard to scope out small businesses in need of marketing help while also making plenty of time to play princess dress up with her adorable daughter. 

Praise From Our Clients

“The seller was so accommodating and understood what I exactly wanted! I can tell she truly took the time to make some research and write good description I needed. Can’t thank her enough, she made the process stress free. I highly recommend her."

 – moimeme27, Children’s Clothing

"Really fantastic experience! Her writing style was spot on, having done her research thoroughly on me and my target audience. Would use again!"

 -kerryjonescoach, personal coach

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